Two for Swing 2019


Lindy hop





Anne-Helene & Bernard fell in love with Swing Dancing by the end of 1997… Because of their special background (Anne-Helene is a dancer since she was 7 years old in ballet, modern jazz & contemporary, when Bernard started to be a musician and a sportsman) they became quickly known nationally, and then internationally. They started to teach and spread their passion in 2001. From there, they have been asked to teach in international workshop all over the world. They run their dance school in Toulouse, Studio Hop since 2003, and are also organizers of big workshop and festivals as the Studio Hop Summer Camp, and the Frenchie Balboa Festival. They are specially known for their unique style, the good balance in the couple. About their teaching, they have their own pedagogy, super precise, always in evolution, offering new ways of explanations, exercises and moves, creating a super comfortable atmosphere in class with a lot of humor and cheerfulness. Mainly social dancers, they are very accessible and are happy to dance with everybody during parties.



Lindy hop





Caroline : her discovery of swing dances 8 years ago has led her to travel around Europe and the USA perfecting her lindy, blues and balboa. She has participated in a number of dance competitions and choreographic projects and taught lindy and blues in Grenoble from 2009 to 2012.

Cédric : in the beginning a musician, it was at the University of Strasbourg that Cedric discovered dance.  His participation in numerous swing events and his interest in the technique and creativity of the greatest lindy hoppers, led him to develop this activity in his region. He is one of the founders of the association Lindy Spot and of the festival Strasbourg Christmas Swing.

Since uniting their competencies in 2012, Caroline and Cedric have continually and successfully promoted lindy on their local scene, as well as presenting their choreographies and teaching in national and international dance workshops. Thanks to their progressive pedagogy, their sense of humor and their ability to communicate closely with their students, they know how to get across both the technical elements and the playful spirit of dance.







Rock n' Swing

Swing'Lo (Laurent) : Swing’Lo has been a rock n’roll dancer for more than 20 years. He adores the music of the 50’s.  Former competitor, he was trained in multiple dances solo, such as modern jazz, hip hop and claquettes. Today he teaches rock in different schools and associations in the region of Paris and in workshops. He is also organizer of the ‘Paris Flying Festival’. Dynamic, generous in his dance movement and with a great sense of technique, he communicates and shares his “joie de vivre” freely with his students.

So: Fell in love with social dansing 20 years ago, Sophie learnt rock swing danse and progressed rapidely. In the same time she’s charmed by portorican Salsa and get into the first french Salsa company : SALSABOR in 1998. This latin danse experience helped her to built her own style, whicth brought a touch of sensuality to her rock swing. She is a naturally born dancer and combine technique and fluidity. For one year she is the Swing LO dance partner in social dancing and they do not stop perform on french dancefloor.







 Thomas Audon & Sophie Alaf are a Boogie duet dancers coming from south west of France. Since they've met they are regularly winning nationnal and international titles. Today they are world number one .

They are dancing together for 7 years, Sophie comes from classic ballet; Thomas comes from social dance and sportive dance. Dancing is their common passion and they like mixing different styles (Lindy, Boogie, solo jazz...) to enrich their dance and their own dance signature.

Their different awards:

World champions 2018-2016

European champions 2017

World n°1 2016-2017

7 times French champion

Today, they are teaching all over Europe and you could meet them in a lot of different festivals. You know what ..? : YOU WILL LOVE THEM!!!





Lindy hop





Christelle et Thierry sont au milieu

Christelle and Thierry : their encounter with swing took place in 1994 on the occasion of a conference-demonstration on the history of rock. This early interest was followed by workshops by teachers of international renown in Herrang, Montreal, London and Barcelona. As for their teaching experience, this was acquired in the Service des Sports of the University Sabatier in Toulouse.  While they were still students they created their association ‘Fous de Danse” and their festival ‘Festi’Alan Swing (18th edition in 2016 !). Because dance is for them an activity to practice socially, they put a priority on transmitting to their students the codes and the keys to make you autonomous dancers.






Pierre Maury : It was during his military service in Paris that Pierre got a taste of the ambiance of the caves in St Germain des Prés. He made friends with several of the great be-bop dancers including Jano Merry who remains his greatest inspiration. His talent was noticed in the Caveau de la Huchette and now he dances in two Parisian troupes and has been in several shows. In parallel he created in 1999 the Rock n’ Swing club in Bordeaux where he teaches Charleston, be-bop and lindy. Since 2011 he has been giving monthly classes in Charleston in the capital but he stays very active on the Bordeaux swing scene as well. You will be seduced by his dynamic style and by his imaginative gestures.