Two for Swing 2019


If you have any questions or are uncertain which level to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us…



Balboa  Balboa – taster class : Balboa was born in the 1920‘s on the West Coast of the USA. It’s a couple dance to fast swing music and is characterized by a close physical connection between dancers at the chest level and by intricate footwork. There is no pre-requisite for this class – all those who enjoy couple dances are welcome. You will discover the basic balboa step and a few variations – a small but solid foundation that will allow you to enjoy dancing to fast swing music without exhausting yourselves !


Watch here a video of Anne-Hélène and Bernard dancing balboa.



Charleston A  : Open to all participants – no prerequisite



Charleston B You know the basic steps, or you have already participated in jazz roots workshops, you like rapid rhythms... challenge yourself !!



Rock, Lindy hop et Balboa level 1 : You have been taking classes since autumn 2017 or you have already participated in several workshops. You know the basic steps (in Lindy: swing out, lindy turn, circle, basic Charleston) but you still lack assurance and hesitate to get out there on the dance floor at social evenings. This level is intended to boost your self-confidence, help you master the fundamentals and teach you a few variations.



Rock et Lindy hop level 2 : You have already acquired the fundamentals of rock or lindy as well as having a few variations up your sleeve. You always land on the right foot even when you deviate from the 6 count basic in rock or the 8 count lindy basic. You are looking for more fluidity in your dance movements and would like to improve your leading and/or following techniques so as to be clearer in communicating your intention / more reactive in interpreting your leader’s intention.



Rock et Lindy hop level 3 : You have finally arrived at a level where you enjoy getting out on the dance floor at a social evening with no fears, with partners at all levels and with music at different tempos. Now you would like to work on your styling and fine tune your interpretation of lindy or rock dance by better aligning your moves in relation to the phrasing of the music.